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Patented anti microbial technology products

Reticulated Foam

to treat biofilm in ice machines

Water Engineered Technology

To treat biofilm in
shower heads

Water Engineered Technology

To treat biofilm
in drains

Biocon Products

BioCon has a range of...

New Technologies

Water Engineered Technology to treat...

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Biocon Filter ROI examined

Biocon is a green product and recyclable also provides a benefit with state local health code inspector, as well our product is non-toxic and certified to NSF/wqaANSI 61 standards. Your maintenance cost relating to cleaning parts and repair and labor can be an substantial annual cost. Biocon provides a significant return...
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What is Biofilm?

A biofilm is form when the microorganisms work together as a population and secrete a sticky polymer to form a solid matrix, which attaches to a surface. Once a biofilm is established. Biocon was specifically developed for hospital, health care institutions, hotels, convenient stores and all restaurant food and beverage...
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